1. We wish you a year filled with innovation!
  2. We wish you a year filled with self-expression!
  3. We wish you a year of learning!
  4. We wish you a year of global collaboration!
  5. We wish you a year of joyful giving!

1. We wish you a year filled with innovation!

We are proud to share good cheer with our new collection of Voices from the Field videos. These mini-documentaries feature testimonials from education pioneers and their students (boys and girls alike) whose positive experiences with this new form of computing education through game design makes this holiday season all the more joyful. Now in its 3rd year, Globaloria is proving itself to be a powerful model for our nation to follow!

Dr. Steve Paine reflects on the positive impact of Globaloria

Denise Stalnaker being a Globaloria educator and mentor

Miranda from Capital HS discusses learning science with Globaloria


2. We wish you a year filled with self-expression!

‘Tis the season for Globaloria students’ winter game presentations! After four months of imagining, planning and creating dynamic educational web-game demos, our single-semester designers shared their original creations, giving the Globaloria community another reason to celebrate.

Southern WVCC game, "Trucks Entering Highway"

MCTC student shares "Infected," a game about fighting disease

Southern WVCC student discusses his game, "Blast-A-Roid"

3. We wish you a year of learning!

The Foundation welcomed its first school-wide pilot program at the newly formed East Austin College Prep Academy this year. In partnership with AMD, our program is helping 89 sixth grade students create original math games to enrich their math learning the Globaloria Way! Many imaginative and creative wikis, blogs and game ideas are in development. We look forward to many good tidings from the Lone-Star State in 2010.

EACPA students help one another learn

The East Austin College Prep Academy

Students explore the Globaloria platform

4. We wish you a year of global collaboration!

Foundation Founder and President Idit Harel Caperton was honored to moderate a distinguished panel at the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce’s annual conference in New York on Dec. 3, 2009, hosted by Chemi Peres. Idit led a conversation with NY Department of Education Chancellor Joel Klein, CEO of DEKA Dean Kamen, and CEO of Time to Know Yosi Ben-Dov, about the future of education and the urgent need for global partnerships.

Idit moderates the education panel at the US & Israel Conference in NYC

Kamen, Klein, and Ben-Dov discuss their innovations and the future of education

Host Chemi Peres leads gathering of Israeli and American leaders

5. We wish you a year of joyful giving!

We are a small entrepreneurial team with big dreams for educating youth around the world using new social media technologies. Your contribution to our 501(c)3 can make a huge difference for students, educators, principals and interns who are working hard to master the computational and communication skills that empower them to succeed in today's digital global world. Please consider a donation.

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We wish you a happy holiday season and a peaceful and creative new year filled with digital delights!

-The World Wide Workshop Team




2009 Selected Accomplishments

Sharing results on our website’s newly-launched Reports page
February: Globaloria-WV internship program doubles in size
March: WVDE Joins Globaloria-WV as a partner
April: Students’ game wins first place in Adobe WV Flash competition
May: World Wide Workshop becomes an AMD Foundation grant recipient
June: Knight Foundation funds the Globaloria Civics Track and partnership with Sandra Day O’Connor’s OurCourts.org
July: TEDGlobal learns the importance of teaching game-media literacy
August: Globaloria mentor program empowers more educators
September: 1st Annual Civics Game Competition launches
October: Leadership Colloquium held at the WV Governor's Mansion
November: Sixth Graders imagine math games in Austin, TX
December: Voices from the Field video series expands

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