Dear Partners and Friends, We ended the month of Thanksgiving Holiday with a lot to be thankful for. We renewed critical partnerships and forged new collaborations to grow our efforts to transform education. As always, we thank you all for your support and invite you to join us in making our big vision a reality for more youth nationwide. Happy Holidays! Cheers, Idit

Your contribution to our 501(c)3 will support economically-disadvantaged and technologically-underserved youth in public school systems in low-income communities.We cannot grow without your help!

1. Strengthening the Globaloria Network through Partnerships
2. Globaloria Featured at the Global Education Conference
3. World Wide Workshop Winner of Ashoka Changemaker Prize
4. Globaloria Presented at the AFT-WV Chartering Banquet in WV
5. Globaloria Students to Celebrate National Digital Learning Day

1. Strengthening the Globaloria Network through Partnerships

We are grateful for our new and renewed 2011 partners and funders who ensure more students and educators gain essential skills for success in the 21st-century:

The Knight Foundation has just announced a new grant to the World Wide Workshop to support the transition of Globaloria in West Virginia from a pilot to a state-run program aligned with content standards. “In West Virginia, Globaloria showed that enabling students to learn by creating content in the form of games furthered their learning goals and digital knowledge,” said Amy Starlight Lawrence, program associate at Knight Foundation. Idit added, “We are so pleased to continue our partnership with Knight in West Virginia. Their support is critical to the establishment of a model for educating our young citizens to be engaged and informed citizens in today’s rapidly-changing connected world.” 2011-12 marks the fifth year of Globaloria in West Virginia, and its growth to over 1500 students and educators across the state. Read the full press release.

iCivics, a web-based education organization founded by Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, has renewed their partnership for the third year. iCivics continue to provide civics content expertise and play a key role in the Globaloria Civics Game Design Competitions.

The LAMP, a non-profit organization creating a grassroots movement to reform and improve media, is teaming up with Globaloria to leverage their nationally recognized resources to enhance students’ and educators’ media and information literacy skills through game design.

Frontier Communications renewed their partnership for the second year. They have been connecting schools to broadband internet throughout the rural state of WV. They join the West Virginia governor and education leaders in recognizing the key role of technology in helping teachers prepare young people for rewarding IT careers and productive community life. Read More

BrainPOP® is proud to serve as a 2011 Workshop sponsor, supporting students and educators as they create STEM-themed online games. Winners of the Globaloria game design competitions will receive subscriptions to BrainPOP so they can continue cultivating vital STEM skills. Additionally, BrainPOP will highlight the winning student-made games within GameUp, its new collection of top online game titles. BrainPOP is the award-winning creator of animated, curricular content that engages students, supports teachers, and bolsters achievement in classrooms, at home, and on mobile devices.

Adobe supports the efforts of the World Wide Workshop through donations of Adobe® Flash® Professional CS5.5, used exclusively in Globaloria to design and build games; underwriting software costs; donating software to our national game-design competitions, and raising awareness about Globaloria.

2. Globaloria Featured at the Global Education Conference

On November 16th, Shannon Sullivan, Vice President of Programs and Production, led a virtual session on Globaloria at the 2011 Global Education Conference, a collaborative, worldwide community initiative for students, educators, and organizations to promote global awareness, foster global competency, and inspire action towards solving real–world problems. “Globaloria is a model for global STEM education with the power to prepare today’s youth for the complexities of a global and digital world,” commented Shannon. “It was a real honor to explore Globaloria in this innovative environment and with educators from many corners of the world working to overcome the same challenges.”

3. Workshop Wins Ashoka Changemaker Prize

The World Wide Workshop has been selected as one of five winners for the Ashoka Changemakers Changeshop Beta Prize. Changemakers is a global online community that has created Changeshop as a platform to help organizations connect with funding and growth opportunities. “We work hard to bring together new partners and inspire transformation every day, and appreciate platforms like Changeshop to support us spread our vision of a new way of learning,” commented Amber Oliver, VP or Partnerships and Operations.

4. Globaloria presented at the AFT-WV Chartering Banquet in WV

Deb Super

On Novemember 11th, Deb Super, Director of Partnerships and Operations, presented Globaloria to West Virginia members of the American Federation of Teachers with the goal of inspiring them to take action on behalf of students across the state and nation: "The future is now, here in West Virginia and across the globe. We train educators to provide opportunities for classroom innovation in the STEM areas. Globaloria empowers teachers to facilitate digital learning through a curriculum that demands creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication."

5. Globaloria Students to Celebrate Digital Learning Day

On February 1, 2012, the Alliance for Excellent Education invites teachers, students, parents, principals, district administrators, and state and national education leaders to engage in Digital Learning Day. Through local and national events, Globaloria students across the country will demonstrate digital learning and game production in their classrooms. “This day will challenge education professionals and policymakers at all levels to start a conversation, make a proclamation, improve a lesson, or create a plan,” said Bob Wise, President of the Alliance for Excellent Education in Washington DC. Stay tuned for more on how we will be marking the day!