1. Introducing David Lowenstein, the New Globaloria WV State Director
  2. Announcing a Partnership with the Knight Foundation for a Globaloria-Civics Track
  3. Globaloria-AMD Pilot Takes Off in Austin, Texas
  4. Idit speaks and TEDGlobal at Oxford University

1. Introducing David Lowenstein, the new Globaloria WV State Director

David Lowenstein, WV State Director

The Foundation is proud to welcome its newest member, David Lowenstein, as the West Virginia State Director for Globaloria. David recently relocated to Charleston to work from the Globaloria-WV Office at the Center for Professional Development. David is responsible for leading the program’s statewide expansion and providing support to administrators, educators and students in collaboration with the Governor’s Office of Technology, the First Lady and WVDE. “I’m looking forward to furthering my long-time commitment to 21st–century learning and innovative uses of technology with these progressive Globaloria educators in West Virginia,” Lowenstein said. David’s expertise in digital media, leadership skills and commitment to social equality and civil rights makes him the ideal visionary to expand the Foundation’s operations in West Virginia.


2. Announcing a Partnership with the Knight Foundation for a Globaloria-Civics Track

The Foundation team is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new partnership with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to demonstrate the potential for large-scale educational transformation in West Virginia and beyond with the Globaloria program. With the support of Knight, we are launching a new civics literacy track designed to engage young game makers in learning about the ideals and origins of US Democracy, the function of the three branches of government and how to become active citizens. “We believe that making civics games will engage young people with 21st-century self-directed learning about critical issues, civics and citizenship,” says Shannon Sullivan, Director of Programs at the Foundation.

3. Globaloria-AMD Pilot Takes Off in Austin, Texas

From July 13-15 educators and administrators from the East Austin College Preparatory Academy (EACPA) participated in the first Globaloria Academy. This marked the beginning of their training and preparations for implementation of Globaloria with all students in this new and innovative charter school. In partnership with AMD, the Foundation will support EACPA educators as they integrate Globaloria across the full curriculum for enrichment in a variety of subjects. “The administration and staff at the EACPA are excited to offer Globaloria to our students! This program provides our students a non-traditional approach to learning," exclaimed Superintendent and Principal Dr. Nellie Cantu. "Globaloria will allow our children in East Austin to excel academically by utilizing creativity and problem-solving skills."

EACPA educators training July 13-15

EACPA facilities at East Austin Community Development Center

The Foundation team and educators in Austin, TX

4. Idit speaks and TEDGlobal at Oxford University

On Tuesday, July 21st the Foundation’s President and Founder, Idit Harel Caperton, traveled to Oxford, UK to speak at TEDGlobal University (TEDU). TEDU is a new official feature of TED (Technology, Innovation and Design), a prestigious international network of leaders in the sciences, arts and business, who come together to give and attend inspiring speeches on their “Ideas Worth Spreading.” Idit was invited to introduce her theory that game literacy is the new literacy for the 21st-century. “If our mother tongue is our first language, and English is becoming our second language for global communication on the Net, then game programming language must be our third,” she taught the TED audience. “We need to do whatever we can to push for greatness in this gaming medium and educate today’s children to create quality games about urgent local and global issues and school subjects like math and science," Idit claimed, concluding that “we must cultivate plurality of voices and grow game-media talent all around the globe…so millions of children of all cultures, races and genders become proficient in reading (playing) and writing (making) stories, lessons, and campaigns in games -- the most engaging and persuasive language of their world.” Click here for the script of her TEDGlobal talk (PDF).

Idit delivers speech at TED University

TEDU attendees learn new perspectives

TEDGlobal held at Oxford University


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