Dear Partners and Friends, June marks the end of another amazing school year of Globaloria and the beginning of new opportunities: We celebrated the outstanding winners of the largest-ever Globaloria Game Design Competitions in West Virginia and Texas (835 participating students); we renewed our partnership with AMD and EACPA for a third year; and we received a new grant from Knight Foundation to bring Globaloria to the State of California. We presented in two conferences in NYC and Munich and are excited to add more partners, teachers, and students to our network as we continue to grow nationwide and worldwide. Cheers, Idit

Your contribution to our 501(c)3 will support economically-disadvantaged and technologically-underserved youth in public school systems in low-income communities.We cannot grow without your help!

  1. New Partnership with Knight Foundation to Bring Globaloria to California
  2. AMD Renews Partnership for a Third Year of Globaloria in Texas
  3. Globaloria Competition Winners Announced in West Virginia and Texas
  4. Hackathon and Demo Day for Globaloria Students in New York
  5. Globaloria Featured at the 8th Annual Games for Change Festival in NYC
  6. Idit Speaks on Education Innovation at DLDwomen Conference in Munich

1. New Partnership with Knight Foundation to Bring Globaloria to California

Shannon Sullivan, Judith Kleinberg (Knight), Muhammed Chaudhry (SVEF), and Amy Wong (SVEF)
We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Knight Foundation to empower the San Jose and Silicon Valley community through Globaloria. This new initiative is designed as a community-wide implementation in selected schools, afterschool clubs, and community centers, involving youth, educators, parents, and community leaders. "Bringing Globaloria into Silicon Valley is a unique opportunity to demonstrate how it works to inform, engage and educate community members from a demographic that remains challenging for California and the entire United States," commented Dr. Idit Harel Caperton. Knight Foundation focuses on promoting informed and engaged communities. "Digital literacy is a requisite 21st century skill, and game design has proved to be a powerful way to acquire it and to foster greater community engagement," said Judith Kleinberg, San Jose/Silicon Valley program director for Knight Foundation.
Read the press release.

2. AMD Renews Partnership for a Third Year of Globaloria in Texas

We are proud to announce the third year of partnership with AMD Foundation to further expand Globaloria at the East Austin College Prep Academy as part of AMD’s signature education initiative Changing the Game. “AMD is pleased to support Globaloria and to demonstrate the power of game design to transform learning and teaching within a formal school environment. In the past two years, we have seen Globaloria empower hundreds of students who never dreamed they could create their own digital games while becoming more fluent in English and skilled in computer programming and game design,” said Allyson Peerman, President of the AMD Foundation. EACPA is the first charter school to apply the Globaloria game design and programming as a daily, fully-integrated, school-wide course which fosters students’ creative and computational thinking.

Ward Tisdale
Director of Global Community Affairs

Allyson Peerman

Anne Fertitta
Program Manager

3. Globaloria Competition Winners Announced in West Virginia and Texas

On June 7th we announced the 78 finalists and 24 winners of three Globaloria game design competitions. This year, 835 students and 433 teams from West Virginia and Texas participated in three different competitions: the 2nd Annual Globaloria STEM Game Design Competition; the 2nd Annual Civics & News Literacy Game Design Competition; and the 2nd Annual Globey Awards. Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and US Senator Jay Rockefeller were once again the Honorary Chairs for the WV Civics and WV STEM Competitions. Students on the winning teams won a Game Designer Kit (Laptop and Flash software) to support their computational creativity for years to come. Read more about the winning games and award ceremonies in the full announcement. Play the top STEM, Civics & News Literacy and Globey games! See photos from the Globey Ceremony!

Civics Winner
The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog
By Team Carrot Wizards
Tygarts Valley HS, Randolph County, WV

STEM Winner
Elemental Elegance
By Team Comatical Combat
South Harrison HS, Harrison County, WV

STEM Winner
By Team Furyunleash22
Spring Valley HS,
Wayne County, WV

7th Grade Globey Winner
Synchronized Saviors
By Team MMM

6th Grade Globey Winner
By Team Spongebob's Crew

6th Grade Mini Game Globey Winner
House Fixers 2
By Team Andrea's Rockin Game

4. Hackathon and Demo Day for Globaloria Students in New York

On June 14, Globaloria students at IS364 (a middle school in Brooklyn, NY) hacked away like professional programmers on a deadline, and put finishing touches on their game demos about health and nutrition. The students also presented their game demos to school administrators and Globaloria experts. Three teams were recognized for their outstanding work; Operation Diet, Feeding Frenzy, and 80 Pounds for Love. “The creative energy in the room was amazing! Students were working intensely, helping each other, and having fun at the same time. Through Globaloria, these students were learning new digital computational skills and realizing they can take action in staying healthy,” reflected Yasmin Safdie, Globaloria operations manager. See photos from the Hackathon!

In Operation Diet the player has to dodge fast food and gain fuel by capturing healthy food choices to save the earth; In Feeding Frenzy the player jumps on platforms to get healthy by shopping for healthy food & exercising; 80 Pounds for Love is a lighthearted game that pushes one to think about weight loss strategies.

5. Globaloria Featured at the 8th Annual Games for Change Festival in NYC

On June 20th, the Workshop leadership and Globaloria educators from West Virginia, Texas, and New York were featured in two Panels and a Demo Station at the 8th Annual Games for Change Festival. Dr. Idit Harel Caperton presented on the opening panel entitled Understanding the Landscape: An Overview of Approaches, Platforms and Intended Outcomes for Teaching Youth Game Design at the AMD-sponsored workshop, Inspiring Digital Kids with Game Design. “This full-day workshop marks a remarkable progression for the G4C community as it thinks about how to better engage schools and educators in its mission. We were thrilled to present Globaloria as the ultimate in-school curriculum and as a Blended Learning network model for engaging youth in social-issue game-making around the country today,” commented Idit. Shannon Sullivan, Vice President, Programs and Production moderated another panel entitled Game Design in the Classroom: A Globaloria Case Study. It included Denise Stalnaker, WV State Manager, Marisol Rocha, EACPA Principal, as well as Teresa Valdez, Nyssa Arcos Evans, and Otis Robinson, three Globaloria educators, who presented how Globaloria is transforming teaching and learning. “We showcased the power of game-making for igniting the love of learning among our kids,” commented Marisol Rochas, EACPA principal, “We are seeing it every day in our school, first hand, and we know that all the educators in the room can benefit from this engaging program.” Also part of G4C, on June 22nd, Dr. Alex Games (formerly MSU, now Microsoft Research) a Globaloria Research Partner, talked about his research in his session entitled Empowering Minority Youth to Engage STEM Learning. In addition, Dr. Rebecca Reynolds (Rutgers U) shared her Globaloria research on engagement and motivation, and Yasmin Safdie presented Globaloria student games during the Demo Sessions at the Games for Learning Institute Seminar at NYU.

Idit talks about Globaloria as part of the Digital Playing Field

Shannon Sullivan, Denise Stalnaker, Otis Robinson, Marisol Rocha, Teresa Valdez and Nyssa Arcos Evans present on Game Design in the Classroom

Yasmin Safdie demos student games while Globaloria researcher Rebecca Reynolds presents research results

6. Idit Speaks on Education Innovation at DLDwomen Conference in Munich

On June 30, Idit Harel Caperton, President of World Wide Workshop spoke at DLDwomen at the Bavarian National Museum in Munich, Germany. Since 2006, the DLD conferences feature case studies and panels by extraordinary international high-profile speakers and more than 500 participants from business, media, technology, society, health, education, politics and science. This June Idit was invited to present her vision for using cutting-edge technology to turn the education system on its head, democratize science and software engineering education, and making it exciting for young women. “There’s a global urgent need for providing equal opportunities for excellent education to all kids – boys and girls, rich and poor.” Idit led the Education Innovation Panel. Watch the video of her session here. Some DLDwomen speakers (including Idit) were featured in Bunte Magazine.

DLDwomen Education Innovation Panel moderated by Idit (Photo by Sascha Baumann/Getty Images Europe)

Libby Leffler of Facebook, Laura Liswood of Goldman Sachs, and DLD founder Steffi Czerny

DLD co-founders Steffi Czerny (right), Marcel Reichart (left), and DLD chairwoman Maria Furtwaengler
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