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I’m glad to say the February chill has done little to slow us down. This month we were proud to showcase our progress to the West Virginia State Board of Education, just as we are proud to present our colorful 2009-10 annual report, a deep research-based reflection on the accomplishments and future vision for the Globaloria social learning network. With the release of a new study demonstrating the impact of Globaloria on students’ science test scores, there is no time to lose on expanding even further. I thank you all for your support.



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  1. Globaloria Presented to the West Virginia State Board of Education
  2. Announcing: World Wide Workshop 2009-2010 Annual Report
  3. Researchers Find Globaloria Students Score Higher in State’s Science Test for 2nd Year
  4. Visualizing 21st-Century Education with

1. Globaloria Presented to the West Virginia State Board of Education

On February 9th, Idit Caperton and former WV Governor Gaston Caperton were invited to make a special presentation to the West Virginia State Board of Education. Their talk focused on the readiness of Globaloria to be scaled to every middle school and high school across the state as an integrated component of the WVDE Global 21. As follow up, a Globaloria Stakeholders Committee is being convened by the newly appointed state superintendent, Dr. Jorea Marple, to present a roll-out plan to the Board in the fall of 2011. “We were thrilled with the opportunity to share a Globaloria progress report to the Board,” said Idit. “We discussed its role in preparing students for success in college and future careers, and its potential to transform teaching and learning in alignment with common core standards.” “West Virginia has been leading the nation in education innovation with computers, and we must commit to leap forward again and serve our students and teachers better,” said former Governor Caperton who is known for transforming education with technology in his state during 1989-1997.

Gaston and Idit Caperton shake hands with WVBoE Vice President Jenny Phillips and President Pricilla Haden after presenting a Globaloria Progress Report.

2. Announcing: World Wide Workshop 2009-2010 Annual Report

Click the image to explore the World Wide Workshop 2009-2010 Annual Report [PDF]

Our 2009-2010 Annual Report provides an overview of how the Globaloria learning network is changing the equation of teaching and learning with a spotlight on two of our current implementation models: a statewide learning network in public schools across West Virginia and a school-wide learning network in a charter school in Texas. “Globaloria is a direct response to the urgent needs in our current educational system,” commented co-author and Foundation Director of Partnerships and Operations, Amber Oliver. “As this report and our research from 2009-10 demonstrates, Globaloria is modeling innovation on a large-scale where it is needed most. We invite everyone to join us in realizing this grand vision for an inspiring, engaging, and 21st-century STEM education.”


3. Researchers Find Globaloria Students Score Higher in State’s Science Test for 2nd Year

For the second consecutive year, Edvantia, Inc., an education research and development organization, has found that Globaloria students in both middle school and high school score better in science on the WESTEST2, WV’s statewide standardized test, than students outside the Globaloria program. “We are delighted by Edvantia’s results, which bolster the efficacy of our learning theory and platforms for the second year in a row,” exclaims Shannon Sullivan, the Foundation’s Vice President of Programs and Production. “It is a true testament to the value of our focus on teachers and their professional development." Download the full report of Edvantia’s findings here.

Globaloria students learn core-content and develop STEM skills by designing, coding and creating original educational web games.

4. Visualizing 21st-Century Education with is a window into the Globaloria universe, and a gateway for those interested in learning about and participating in this innovative social network for learning. The redesign links to games conceived, designed and developed by youth in West Virginia, Texas and New York; documentary shorts from our award-winning Voices from the Field series; and materials and applications for education leaders. offers an interactive experience that showcases the theory, components, and impact of the network. “We redesigned to help education reformers, researchers, students, journalists and funders better understand the game-changing work we are doing in schools across the country,” said Shannon Sullivan.

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