Dear Partners and Friends, October was filled with connecting visionary minds with education leaders. What a gift to have incredible partners and to collaborate with educators, government and business champions who help us disrupt education and change the course of learning for students every day around the country. Cheers, Idit

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1. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin Addresses Education Innovation Leaders in WV
2. Working with Superintendent MaryEllen Elia to Advance STEM Learning in FL Schools
3. Launching Globaloria Game Design Competitions in 60 Schools
4. Idit speaks at the 3rd Annual Boston Book Festival
5. Amber speaks at the Children’s Storefront 5th Annual Urban Education Symposium
6. Digital Learning Now! Jeb Bush and Bob Wise Release Roadmap for Reform
7. Attend the Globaloria Virtual Session at the Global Education Conference


1. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin Addresses Education Innovation Leaders in West Virginia

On October 17th, principals, tech directors, and superintendents convened for the 5th Annual Globaloria Leadership Colloquium in Charleston, WV. The colloquium opened with inspirational remarks from WV Governor Tomblin: “I would like to recognize the educators and leaders who, with vision and pioneering spirit, have helped revolutionize this teaching method…to provide opportunities for our young people to build new skill-sets and develop their potential.” Following the Governor, a panel entitled Leaders-2-Leaders featuring eight of West Virginia’s most outstanding leaders from government, business, and education, presented visions and ideas to Globaloria school leaders.

  • Gaston Caperton, Former Governor and President of the College Board
  • Gayle Manchin, Former First Lady and Vice President of WV State Board of Education
  • Tom Heywood, Former Chief of Staff to Gov. Caperton, prominent lawyer, business and government thought leader
  • Chuck Heinlein, Deputy State Superintendent of Schools
  • Dixie Billheimer, CEO, West Virginia Center for Professional Development
  • Mitch Carmichael, Vice President, Frontier Communications
  • Paul Faust, K-12 Manager, Mid-Atlantic, Adobe

Tom Heywood: "West Virginia employers have hundreds of job openings today for individuals with the right set of skills. Thousands more will become available. Programs like Globaloria are ideally suited to help our students land these great jobs, today and in the future."

Idit moderates the Leaders-2-Leaders panel

Gaston Caperton

Gayle Manchin

2. Working with Superintendent MaryEllen Elia to Advance STEM Learning in FL Schools

MaryEllen Elia

Earlier this month Amber and Idit met with the award-winning superintendent MaryEllen Elia to continue to explore the integration of Globaloria in Hillsborough County Public Schools. Known for her bold innovative leadership and for modeling truly effective STEM, blended learning approaches throughout her school system, Mrs. Elia commented: “We are excited about teaching computer programming and teamwork to our students and teachers, and the Globaloria game design curriculum is a big step forward for our STEM instruction.” Mrs. Elia’s STEM team, led by Larry Plank, Director of K-12 STEM Education, is currently piloting Globaloria in four schools to plan for potential growth in more schools in the coming years.

3. Launching Globaloria Game Design Competitions in 60 Schools

On October 3rd, the Workshop launched its third year of Globaloria Student Competitions to promote and celebrate excellence in learning STEM through game design. In West Virginia 1277 students are competing in the STEM Competition or Civics & News Literacy Competition, chaired by Senator Rockefeller and Sandra Day O’Connor, respectively. In Hillsborough County, Silicon Valley and EACPA, we launched three regional game-design competitions called the Globeys with distinguished local panels of judges. Last year over 800 students registered for the Globaloria Game Design Competitions nationally, with 22 teams winning awards for their original educational games. “It is inspiring to see what students can achieve when they are given the opportunity, support and motivation to drive their own creative learning,“ reflected Jessica Goldfin, Special Assistant to the President, Knight Foundation & Globaloria Civics Game Design Competition Judge.

4. Idit Speaks at the 3rd Annual Boston Book Festival

On October 15th, the Boston Book Festival hosted a panel called LEARNING LEARNING. Three panelists, Nicholas Negroponte, Sugata Mitra and Idit Harel Caperton, moderated by Pearson Foundation President Mark Nieker, discussed their provocative ideas about focusing education more on learning than on teaching, in and out of school. “Children learn best by doing,” Idit stated. “They are learning more, and learning it more deeply by designing, constructing, and simulating the reality of their worlds in the form of a game – a media format they know and like. With Globaloria we are demonstrating the transformational power of creative and collaborative networked learning. It’s putting minds on fire.” Click here for Idit’s talk entitled Learning to Read/Write STEM through Videogame Making.

BBF panelists Nicholas Negroponte, Sugata Mitra, and Idit Caperton with moderator Mark Nieker

5. Amber Oliver speaks at the 5th Annual Urban Education Symposium

On October 26th, Amber, VP of Partnerships & Operations, spoke in NYC at the Children’s Storefront 5th Annual Urban Education Symposium on Accountability & Sustainability in Urban Education. Amber participated on a panel entitled Your School Version 2.0: Leveraging Technology to Engage and Improve Student Learning, with Tomas Hanna, CEO Office of NYC Innovation, iZone, and Joshua Behar of Time to Know, and moderated by Jane Canner, President, Classroom Inc. The panel addressed the importance of technology to propel student learning and offered concrete examples for how to incorporate innovative Web2.0 software into the classroom. “People, and not devices, are the drivers of change. As we have seen with Globaloria, it is when principals, educators and students are given the tools to leverage the power of technology that a true transformation takes place, and learning can be personalized, collaborative, inventive and inspiring,” commented Amber.

Amber explains how Globaloria is transforming 21st century classrooms

Your School Version 2.0 Panelists: Joshua Behar, Tomas Hanna, and Amber Oliver with moderator Jane Canner

6. Digital Learning Now! Jeb Bush and Bob Wise Release Roadmap for Reform

This month, former Governors Jeb Bush and Bob Wise, co-chairs of Digital Learning Now! released the Roadmap for Reform: Digital Learning during the Foundation for Excellence in Education’s 2011 National Summit on Education Reform – Education Everywhere. The Roadmap provides governors, lawmakers and policymakers with nuts-and-bolts policies to transition to a student-centered education for college and career readiness and success. “We are proud to support this movement with Globaloria, which espouses the tenets of the Roadmap. Everyone in the nation should be part of it and help make history in education,” reflected Idit, a DLN Digital Leader who was a member of the Advisory team that conceived and framed the 10 elements of DLN.

7. Upcoming Event! November 16th, 5pm EST: Globaloria at the Global Education Conference

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