Superintendents and principals participate in hands on learning

Superintendents and principals are recognized for their participation in Globaloria

Student recruitment and support expands Globaloria throughout West Virginia

Strengthening leadership skills at the Superintendent and Principal Colloquium
Each year the World Wide Workshop recognizes exceptional principals and superintendents for leading an outstanding Globaloria integration in their school system.


All active Globaloria Middle and High School Principals and Superintendents are eligible for recognition.

Principals will be recognized based on:
1. Globaloria Program Leadership and Advocacy
2. Recruiting educators to lead Globaloria classses
3. Recruiting students and promoting Globaloria classes
4. Scheduling more time for Globaloria classes (i.e. longer blocks, full year class)
5. Improving school technology infrastructure and connectivity

Superintendents will be recognized based on:
1. Leadership and Advocacy for the program within the county
2. Maximizing number of schools in the county that offer Globaloria
3. Improving technology infrastructure and connectivity at schools county wide
4. Supporting Globaloria teacher professional development

Administrators of the Oak Grove School District receive Leadership Inspiration Awards at the 2013 Silicon Valley Globey Awards.

The World Wide Workshop thanks our partners: