The World Wide Workshop relies on its partners to help grow, innovate and expand the Globaloria Network in countries and communities around the world. The Globaloria Partnership comprises the following components:

  1. Access to an open-source platform with a set of simple educational games, tutorials & simulations for young people to play, modify and critique while learning basic game-design skills.
  2. A customizable wiki where community members create, showcase, discuss and collaborate while following a 1-year curriculum using a set of personal and team assignments tailored to the learning goals of any specific community or game-dev club.
  3. A dynamic blog for participants to log their experiences, dialogue, and support one another.
  4. Extensive administrator interface and tools that enable ongoing personalization and ownership of the platform (website and wiki) for any learning needs and objectives.
  5. Continued 24/7 virtual support from the Globaloria team of experts.
  6. A flexible interface to publish games and tutorials created by the community.

Globaloria Partnership Requirements:

  • Leadership
    • Educators who are passionate about new pedagogies (not technology experts) and engaging students;
    • Principals and School Counselors who are able to support 90-minute block schedule for two semesters, and multiple Globaloria educators who are teaching multiple classes each day;
    • Superintendents, Curriculum Directors, and Technology Directors who are supportive of everything below.
  • Educator Time Commitment
    • 7-10 hours per week
    • Full attendance at all Globaloria Training Academies
      • Two two-day pre-program trainings
      • 12 virtual seminars throughout the year
    • Full attendance at 2 Globaloria Hands-On Workshops for principals and superintendents (2 half days);
    • Writing and reading educators' progress reports (2-4hrs quarterly)
  • Students
    • Middle School, High School, Alternative Education, Community College, or University
    • Daily, year-long class(5-8 hours per week, 90 minute blocks recommended)
  • Tech Infrastructure and Tech Support for:
    • 1:1 computers (either desktops or laptops) for students. Must have daily computer access (6-8 hours/week, no sharing).
    • 1:1 computers for educators. Must have a laptop for daily use at school/home/trainings.
    • Reliable High Speed Internet (5 MB/s minimum, 10 MB/s recommended)
    • Flash software (CS5 or higher)
    • Multimedia PCs/Laptops that are reasonably up-to-date (Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 Processor (multi-core CPU preferred); 2GB RAM; HD with 5GB available for installation; 1024x768 display (1200x800 recommended); DVD-ROM drive; 16-bit video card or better)
    • Web browser:Firefox 3 or higher with Adobe Flash Player 10 plugin; Chrome and Safari are fine; IE is not recommended
    • Phone line with speaker phone and webcam in classroom
    • Digital video camera (i.e. Flip Camera)
    • Overhead projector or Smartboard
    • Headphones/speakers recommended for video tutorials and game sound effects and music
    • Pen tablet recommended to aid students in drawing (1 per 5 students)
    • Headset with microphone recommended for VOIP calls

If you are interested in becoming a Globaloria partner, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..