Learning in the 21st Century:
Exploring the Convergence of Kids, Technology, and Learning


Today, children cannot imagine a world without new media technology, the Internet, computers and other electronic devices. The question is no longer whether computers will be in the classroom, but how they can enhance learning for all children - in and out of school. For many years, the World Wide Workshop Founder and her colleagues have supported parents and educators in their uses of technology for children's development, learning, and self-expression. Professor Seymour Papert and Dr. Idit Harel decided to publish their thoughts online, in a popular style, on MaMaMedia.com. Over the years, in a series of short printable articles, they each communicated their favorite "big ideas" about children, education and technology to educators, parents and grandparents.

Strategy and Design

Technology can inspire young children to create projects, share ideas, and explore their world in meaningful ways. Unfortunately, many schools and districts still tend to see new media technologies more simplistically, as mere "teaching machines" or "information machines." The key strategy of the 21st Century Learning articles was to publish support materials that help parents and educators see the Internet more positively, and use the Internet for active and creative learning at home and at school. 21st Century Learning articles present new ways of thinking about Internet technology and learning in general. The strategy was to inspire and motivate educators to change the way they use and think about new media and learning.


More than 20 themes were selected, and 22 articles about learning and technology were published over time on MaMaMedia.com. The articles are available for free to parents and educators. MaMaMedia received thousands of emails during the years from interested people who visited this area of the site and benefited from the articles, and send them to other family members and friends.

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