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Raleigh County School District: Globaloria Showcases Skills

June 19, 2013

West Virginia's Raleigh County School District website featured Woodrow Wilson High School's Globaloria class, which held a showcase of student games on May 24 to increase awareness of Globaloria as an offering for county schools. Read more here.

Games for Change: Idit Rants Against Game-Based Learning Trends

June 17, 2013

World Wide Workshop founder and president Dr. Idit Harel Caperton led a “rant” at the 2013 Games for Change Festival in New York City. Idit’s session, entitled Gamifying Schools and Schoolifying Games: The Art, The Science, and The Myth, also featured Dr. James Bower of Numedeon, Inc.; Dan White of Filament Games; and Andrew Gardner of BrainPOP challenging common trends of game-based learning that fall short of improving on learning and society. Read the press release here.

Education Week: Educators Teach Coding Through Gaming

June 11, 2013

Education Week highlighted Globaloria as a leader in a movement to engage K-12 students in coding education through game design classes. Read the post on's Digital Directions here.

Huffington Post: Reflections on ConnectEd

June 11, 2013

Dr. Idit Harel Caperton reflected on President Obama’s ConnectEd initiative in this Huffington Post blog noting that the program goals are admirable but faster results are needed.

EdSurge: 40 Tools to Learn Coding

June 7, 2013

EdSurge included Globaloria in its collection of favorite tools for teaching kids to code. See which other products made the list here.

Southwest Key Programs: 2013 Globey Awards at EAPrep

June 7, 2013

Southwest Key Programs, supporter of Globaloria at EAPrep, created a video recap of the 4th Annual Globey Awards Ceremony at the school. Watch remarks from program leaders and Globey winners here.

Silicon Valley Latino: Empowering Youth through Globaloria

June 6, 2013

Silicon Valley Latino posted a video interview blog with Globaloria Silicon Valley Advisory Board Chair Jennifer Argüello and Christopher School principal Bill Abraham from the 2nd Annual Globey Awards Ceremony in Silicon Valley.

Globaloria Students Awarded Silver Medals and Gold Keys in Scholastic Art and Writing Awards 2013

May 31, 2013

Globaloria students Matthew S. and Brittany S. from Tygarts Valley High School receive National Silver Medals in the Video Game category in the 2013 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards held by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers in New York City. Six other Globaloria teams awarded Gold Keys recognizing the highest level of achievement in their region, and eleven won Silver Keys for outstanding achievement in their region. Check out their games on

Adobe Featured Blogs: Adobe Supports Globeys

May 30, 2013

Adobe posted a blog recapping the 2nd Annual Globey Awards Ceremony in Silicon Valley. Adobe executives presented awards for Best Hidden Object Game at the event, and Adobe donated prizes for Globey winners across the country.

KXAN News: Globaloria Readies EAPrep Students for College

May 29, 2013

Austin NBC affiliate KXAN highlighted Globaloria at East Austin College Prep (EAPrep) for its effective preparation of students for college and tech careers. Watch the clip.

Huffington Post: Empowering Latinas in Computing

May 23, 2013

In this Huffington Post IMPACT blog, Idit Harel Caperton calls for increased and improved opportunities for Latino you to engage in STEM & Computing education in the face of a growing Latino workforce and a growing digital divide in technologically underserved communities. Read the post here.

NCWIT Summit: Workshop Team Host Flash Talk

May 21, 2013

Workshop President Dr. Idit Harel Caperton and Globaloria Silicon Valley Advisory Board Chair Jennifer Argüello gave a Flash Talk at the NCWIT Summit on Women and IT: Practices and Ideas to Revolutionize Computing, titled Empowering Latinos in Computing.

Microsoft Silicon Valley Microdocumentary

May 17, 2013

Microsoft Silicon Valley produced a microdocumentary about the impact of STEM learning through Globaloria among San Jose/Silicon Valley youth. Watch Globaloria: Increasing Opportunity in Silicon Valley.

TechEdge Magazine Features Globaloria as Cover Story

May 8, 2013

TechEdge Magazine, a publication of the Texas Computer Education Association, featured the Globaloria professional development program in the May 2013 issue. The article, "Proven Professional Development Tips from Globaloria," outlines results-proven strategies for successful teacher training in a blended learning environment. Read the article here.

Silicon Valley Latino: Advisory Board Member on Globaloria

May 6, 2013

Jennifer Argüello, Head of the Silicon Valley Advisory Board for the Workshop, explains her work with Latino youth through Globaloria and shares news of the Globey Awards Ceremony in San Jose, California. Watch the interview.

SIIA Selects Globaloria for Innovation Incubator

May 5, 2013

The Software and Information In­dustry Association (SIIA) featured Globaloria as a Education Technology Pioneers at the annual SIIA Ed Tech Industry Summit, May 5-7 in San Francisco. Each of the ten featured companies attended the Summit to give a Business Profile Presentation and represent at the Innovation Showcase. Read press release here.

Southwest Key Programs: Award-Winning Globaloria Students

April 25, 2013

Globaloria students and East Austin College Prep ninth-graders Laura and Michael were featured on the Southwest Key Programs blog for recent national achievements in computing. Read more here about Laura’s NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award and Michael’s Scholastic Art & Writing Award.

Austin Statesman: Making Games, Building Skills

April 21, 2013

The Austin American-Statesman's Omar L. Gallaga recently visited East Austin College Prep Academy (EAPrep), where he spoke to students, teachers and superintendent Joe Gonzalez about the skills and achievements students attain by participating in Globaloria daily. Read the article here.

This article was also featured in Business Mirror.

NSBA: Workshop Featured as Technology Innovator

April 13, 2013

The National School Board Association (NSBA) named the World Wide Workshop to its first Technology Innovation Showcase at the NSBA Annual Conference in San Diego. Six companies were recognized for changing education through innovation. Read more here.

Skoll World Forum: Idit Harel Caperton Featured Panelist

April 11, 2013

Dr. Idit Harel Caperton was a featured speaker on a panel about blended learning at Skoll World Forum. Dr. Caperton's panel, Blended Learning: The Proof and the Promise, also featured Khan Academy founder Salman Khan, Ideo education lead Sandy Speicher, eAdvance CEO Stacey Brewer, and Stanford University d.School professor Debra Dunn, as moderator, discussing how technology can improve education quality and access globally. See Dr. Harel Caperton’s presentation here and read her related blog post here.

Huffington Post: GlassLab & Beyond

March 21, 2013

In her recent Huffington Post blog, GlassLab and Beyond: Who's the Designer and Who's the Learner of the Next-Gen Game-Based Ed-Tech, Idit Harel Caperton challenges a new game-based ed-tech initiative, GlassLab, by positing that game play alone does not engage students in deep learning.

Getting Smart: Who’s the Learner of Game-Based Ed-Tech

March 19, 2013

This guest blog post on Getting Smart by Dr. Idit Harel Caperton examines the shortcomings of GlassLab as a game-based learning tool.

Microsoft Partners in Learning: Rethinking MOOCs

March 18, 2013

In her post on Microsoft Partners in Learning blog network, Dr. Idit Harel Caperton advocates for rethinking the instructor-led model of the MOOC in favor of learning-by-doing classrooms.

Future of Education: Idit Harel Caperton on Social Learning

March 12, 2013

Steve Hargadon of Web 2.0 Labs interviewed Idit Harel Caperton on his Future of Education podcast about the roots of social learning in MIT Media Lab research and the future of new media technology in the classroom. Read the blog announcement and listen to the interview.

SXSWedu Features Workshop President & Partners

March 5, 2013

SXSWedu featured Idit Harel Caperton, Anne Fertitta of AMD, Jennifer Bergland of TCEA, and Joe Gonzales of EAPrep on a panel: Preparing High Tech Innovators Through Game Design. They presented various perspectives on the country’s STEM education crisis and explained how game design programs, like Globaloria, can offer a solution.

This event was also featured in:

Huffington Post: Idit Harel Caperton Reflects on TED Prize

March 2, 2013

In this Huffington Blog Post, Idit Harel Caperton offers perspective on the awarding of the 2013 TED prize winner to Sugata Mitra in support of his “school-in-the-cloud” initiative. Read the full story here.

Globaloria Highlighted in EAPrep Video

March 1, 2013

Watch this video showcasing Globaloria at East Austin College Prep (EAPrep), and how it impacts students through STEM skill development and college- and career-readiness. Read the blog post by Southwest Key here.

Education Industry Association: Technology as a Force Multiplier in Learning

February 20, 2013

In this featured post on EIA here, Workshop President Idit Harel Caperton writes about the potential of technology to be a force multiplier in education. Integrated effectively, technology can enable constructive learning spaces that develop students' and educators' best abilities and potential as learners.

Obama Calls for More Kids to Make Games

February 18, 2013

In a virtual Q&A with American citizens, President Barack Obama called for more youth to have the opportunity to learn to make video games. Noting how significant gaming is in children's lives, Obama said game design can be a motivator of learning and, specifically, STEM learning. Read more here and watch the clip here.

MIT Alumni News Website Features Idit Harel Caperton

February 13, 2013

In a post on Slice of MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alumni Association featured the work of Idit Harel Caperton (PhD '88) in developing "educational game-changer" Globaloria. Read the post here.

(National Press): Globaloria Celebrates Digital Learning Day 2013: Program Showcases Digital Learning in Action

February 6, 2013

Three thousand youth in 50 schools and community centers across the nation opened their classrooms to demonstrate the power of digital teaching and learning the Globaloria way on the second annual Digital Learning Day on February 6.

As part of Digital Learning Day, World Wide Workshop, partnered with the Alliance for Excellent Education to celebrate innovative teaching practices that make learning more engaging for students. World Wide Workshop's Globaloria program is the first and largest social learning network for developing digital literacy, STEM knowledge and global citizenship skills through game design. Read the full press release.

This event was featured in:

Adobe Invites Donations to Support Globaloria

February 6, 2013

In a post on Adobe Featured Blogs, Adobe Foundation announces a matching gift program in which they will match 100% of donations to Globaloria, up to $50,000. The program is announced in conjunction with a call for more students to be given the opportunity that Globaloria provides to develop digital literacy. Read the post here.

Tech & Learning: How to Implement a Game-Design Program in Your School

February 5, 2013

In this post, Tech & Learning provides an overview of resources available to educators wanting to incorporate game-design in the classroom. Globaloria is cited as a comprehensive option offering curriculum, professional development, and support.

Press Release: National School Boards Association Showcases World Wide Workshop

January 3, 2013

The World Wide Workshop is one of six companies named to the 2013 National School Boards Association Technology Innovation Showcase. The Showcase is designed to educate school board members and district leaders about the innovative companies that are transforming education. Read the full press release here.

The Journal of Media Literacy Publishes Issue on Globaloria

December 20, 2012

A special report on Globaloria was published by The Journal of Media Literacy. The Workshop's efforts to increase media literacy through innovative education programs like Globaloria were recognized by the National Telemedia Council in the publication, "Globaloria: Students Making Game Media for Literacy and Learning." Read the report here.

Getting Smart: Digital Learning, Deeper Learning

December 17, 2012

In their report, "How Digital Learning Contributes to Deeper Learning," Tom VanderArk and Carri Schneider of Getting Smart identify specific ways that digital learning tools create deeper learning opportunities for students, and they cite Globaloria as a leading digital learning tool in fostering such deeper educational opportunities. See the infographic here and download the full report here.

Microsoft Highlights Globaloria for Building Youth Knowledge and Skill

December 17, 2012

Globaloria was featured in Microsoft's Catalyst magazine as a results-proven solution to engaging students in skill-building STEM education. The article outlines the Globaloria curriculum and demonstrated results, such as improving student cognitive learning abilities, in support of the Globaloria program tenet that coding is the "new literacy." Read the article here.

NMC Horizon Report Cites Globaloria

December 15, 2012

The New Media Consortium (NMC) Horizon Report discusses the top emerging technologies, trends, and challenges that will impact K-12 teaching and learning over the next five years. The report cites Globaloria as an example of impactful game-based learning already in practice.

Huffington Post: Idit Harel Caperton on Building and Spreading Knowledge that Matters

December 12, 2012

On her Huffington Post blog, Dr. Idit Harel Caperton questions whether computer coding knowledge is a double-edged sword. While the ability to communicate and collaborate across borders and language barriers can be valuable for solving global problems, it may also be applied toward negative ends. Dr. Harel Caperton suggests that a national commitment to teaching computing in schools, and starting early in a child's education, will promote these powerful skills for responsible, solution-oriented applications. This item was also featured on One News Page and CSEdWeek.

Education Week Spotlights Globaloria as a Computing Education Solution

November 28, 2012

Globaloria was spotlighted as a leader of computing education in the Reimagining K-12 blog on Education Week. In his post, Tom Segal recognizes Globaloria as a successful example of a school-integrated program that introduces students to coding within the context of the failing in and critical need for incorporating more computer programming in K-12 curricula. Click here to read the post.

Adobe Showcases Globaloria as STEM & Computing Education Success Story

November 26, 2012

Globaloria was featured on Adobe's K-12 Education Showcase website as a written success story of STEM learning through technology. The article highlights the mission of Globaloria to advance STEM and computing knowledge through programming with industry standard tools, such as Adobe Flash, and the educational benefits of hands-on learning for youth around the nation. Read the article here as well as the Adobe blogpost by Johann Zimmern, Worldwide Group Manager of K12 Education, Adobe.

View additional media coverage:



Press Release: Idit Harel Caperton Presents at EmTech Conference at MIT

October 31, 2012

World Wide Workshop founder and president Dr. Idit Harel Caperton was a featured presenter on a panel of leading thinkers on education technology innovation at EmTech 2012, a conference examining the significance of new technologies. Dr. Caperton's panel, entitled "EmTech Prism: Education and Learning" also featured One Laptop Per Child founder Nicholas Negroponte, Institute of Play managing director Brian Waniewski and edX President Anant Agarwal discussing technology's impact on the future of learning for students in the U.S. and around the world. Click here to read the press release and here to watch Dr. Caperton's talk.

This event was also featured in:

WiredAcademic: Idit Harel Caperton Guest Opinion Post is Calling for Integrating Instructionism and Constructionism in "Flipped Classrooms"

October 20, 2012

In her recent Opinion Post on WiredAcademic, Dr. Idit Harel Caperton makes a case for schools and technology/content providers to couple "Instructionism" and "Constructionism" to create more effective "flipped classrooms." Dr. Caperton argues that the instructor-led, tutorial model of education must be integrated with a project-based, learn-by-doing model in order to deeply engage and encourage students to learn how to learn and become architects of their own cognition and education.

Edutopia: Idit Harel Caperton Guest Blog on "Flipping Classrooms"

October 17, 2012

In her guest blog post on Edutopia, Dr. Idit Harel Caperton challenges entrepreneurs and educators to think more creatively about the opportunities technology offers to affect meaningful change in classrooms. Online learning has been heralded as transformative, but the learning models currently employed leave students with untapped potential for driving their own learning. Idit argues that the change must come from a flipped-classroom model that combines "Instructionism with Constructionism" by encouraging students to learn-by-doing to truly transform the instructor-led, tutoring-system model.

La Voz de Austin: East Austin 8th Grader Makes It To Carnegie Hall

August 23, 2012

In their August 2012 edition, La Voz de Austin has done a full-page profile on Globaloria student Michael Alvarez of the East Austin College Prep Academy. The article highlights his attendance at the 2012 National Scholastic Art & Writing Award at Carnegie Hall in June as a Gold Medalist and AMD Game Changer in the videogame category. Congratulations Michael! Click here to read the article.

Charleston Gazette, National Press Highlight West Virginia Globey and Inspiration Awards

August 17, 2012

Alison Matas of the Charleston Gazette, takes a close look at two finalist teams in the 2012 Globey Game Design Awards for the state of West Virginia. Ms. Matas' article is one of several that covered the two annual Globaloria events in Charleston on August 10: 1) Globey Awards, and 2) Education Leaders Inspiration Awards. Read the full press release hereand view recent media coverage here:


Classroom Aid: Students Tackle Video-Game Design - Globaloria

August 3, 2012

Classroom Aid, a blog dedicated to "connecting the dots for digital teaching and learning," has taken a closer look at the Globaloria program, with emphasis on its increased profile as our nation increases focus on STEM-related education. In their post, Students Tackle Video-Game Design - Globaloria, the author describes many of the highlights of the program since its inception in 2006. Click here to read the article.

Huffington Post: Idit Harel Caperton Focuses on What is Working

August 2, 2012

In her most recent Huffington Post blog, Dr. Idit Harel Caperton has joined forces with Ms. Huffington and her Opportunity Campaign. Dr. Harel Caperton suggests that we can make great strides in closing the jobs deficit in our nation by raising a generation of learners who are digitally literate and computationally competent. Programs and initiatives such as Globaloria can serve economically and technologically deprived communities by placing an emphasis on "learning by doing," a process vital to building young people's critical reasoning and problem solving skills. This item was also featured in: Opportunity on HuffPost!

Rutgers University: World Wide Workshop Research Partner Awarded Major Federal Grant to Study Globaloria In Depth

July 25, 2012

Rutgers University, the longest participating research partner of the World Wide Workshop, has been awarded more than $500,000 in support of further investigations into digital learning. The principal investigator, Dr. Rebecca Reynolds of the Library and Information Science department at Rutgers University, was selected for the Institute of Museum and Library Services' Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program's Early Career Development Award. The three-year grant, which includes $399,995 in award dollars and a matching amount of $277,684, will examine the impact of gaming on learning among disadvantaged middle and high school students nationwide participating in Globaloria. Click here to read the press release from Rutgers University.

Connect With Your Teens Blog: 5 Educational Gaming Organizations to Follow

July 13, 2012

Jennifer Wagner of the Connect With Your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology blog attended the 2012 Games for Change Festival and was impressed by a small group of educational gaming organizations, including Globaloria, that are helping students develop digital literacies and STEM knowledge. Visit the Connect With Your Teens website to read more.

Press Release: World Wide Workshop Awarded Empowerment Grant from Motorola Mobility Foundation

June 27, 2012

World Wide Workshop has been awarded a $20,000 Empowerment Grant from the Motorola Mobility Foundation in support of the Globaloria network in Silicon Valley, California. One of 42 organizations nationwide, the grant recognizes the important work and mission of the World Wide Workshop and will enable more than 1300 youth in Silicon Valley to engage with technology in an effort to enhance their lives and expand their opportunities for success and leadership in today's digital world. Read the full press release here. This event was also featured in: Solving Real-World Problems through Gaming, 2 of 3; Coding Literacy as a Human Right

June 22, 2012

The second of a 3-part series, this blog post by Daniela Capistrano of focuses on the ways in which coding literacy could revolutionize the way humanity approaches problems. "I think coding literacy is a human right," said Dr. Idit Harel Caperton in an interview with Current TV during G4C2012. "When you want people to learn how to read, they have to practice it every day in different ways. Coding is the new reading and writing." In the second feature, "'The Matrix is a system, Neo': 10 reasons why coding literacy should be a human right" Lair spoke with Dr. Caperton about the case for coding literacy as a 21st century human right. Click here to read the blog. Solving Real-World Problems through Gaming, 1 of 3

June 21, 2012

Following her talk at the 2012 International Games4Change Festival in NYC this week, Workshop founder Dr. Idit Harel Caperton and her Globaloria was selected to be featured among the top 5 games at Games4Change by CurrentTV journalist Daniela Capistrano ("5 ways to level up your life through gameplay") about the ways in which gaming can prepare young people of all backgrounds to succeed. "I can't imagine any kid growing up and learning how to read but not write. You become a better reader when you learn to write. It's how we teach people filmmaking and journalism. It should be the same with games," says Dr. Idit Harel Caperton. Click here to read the blog.

Education Week: Students Tackle Video-Game Design

June 13, 2012

Globaloria students and teachers in West Virginia, Texas and California are showcased in the summer 2012 issue of Education Week's Digital Directions. Read Ian Quillen's profile for a look into how this curriculum is helping to prepare students for college and career. "The specialization that often occurs in groups of students that design games—when they split the tasks of coding, graphic artistry, and concept design, for example—and the resulting communication lessons are becoming more widely recognized by mainstream educators," writes Quillen, who visited Globaloria classrooms at Tygarts Valley Middle and High School in Mill Creek, West Virginia. This article was featured in:

Knight Foundation Blog: Celebrating Student Game Designers with Our Partners and the San Jose/Silicon Valley Community

June 6, 2012

Workshop President Idit Harel Caperton and Knight Foundation Program Director Judith Kleinberg recently wrote about the Globey Awards in Silicon Valley. The Knight Foundation, along with the Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVEF), Oak Grove School District and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley, are partners in the Workshop's efforts to cultivate digital literacies and computational abilities among youth in one of the most educationally-and technologically-underserved communities in the country. Click here to read the blog.

Huffington Post: Idit Harel Caperton Highlights Computing Industry's Opportunities for Young Women

May 30, 2012

In parts one and two of her blog on Huffington Post, Dr. Idit Harel Caperton makes the case that the booming global computing and gaming industries provide perfect career opportunities for the generation of young women currently in primary, secondary and higher education. By learning math, science and computer science now, girls can grow into successful developers, programmers and industry leaders—and we must support them in their efforts to do so now. This event was featured in:

National Press: Announcing the 2012 Globey Awards

May 17, 2012

Around the country, students and communities participating in Globaloria are gathering for the annual Globey Award ceremonies, where teams will learn whether the results of their hard work and creativity in game design over the past year has won them a seat in the winners' circle. Click to read the national press release and localized releases from San Jose, Florida, and Texas.

Austin Chronicle: Coding is Hard - But Not for the Middle Schoolers of Texas' EAPrep

May 18, 2012

The Austin Chronicle's James Renovitch, who covers gaming for the paper, joined the students, families and educators at East Austin College Prep Academy (EAPrep) in Texas for the 2012 Globey Awards ceremony on May 17. "I once tried to make a video-game. To put the entire experiment on a bumper sticker, it didn't work out. Coding is hard. And the fact that middle-schoolers were showing off their games, only made me feel worse..." writes Renovitch. Read on for his take on the winning games and the talented students of EAPrep.

Getting Smart: Out of Poverty Into Opportunity

May 4, 2012

In this featured post on Getting Smart, Idit Harel Caperton reflects on two underserved communities, McDowell County, West Virginia and East Austin, Texas, that have used the innovative Globaloria curriculum to position students for "projects and careers in some of the fastest-growing sectors of the digital economy."

Getting Smart: "Self-Learning" is the New "Schooling"

April 11, 2012

In a featured post on Tom Vander Ark's Getting Smart blog, Idit Harel Caperton considers how technology can help empower young people to be the drivers of their learning experiences—and how programs like Globaloria are making it possible for students across the country. Click here to read more.

KLRU-TV: Globaloria at East Austin College Prep Academy Highlight

Multiple Airings, April – June 2012

Watch this short video showcasing Globaloria, and how it is empowering youth at EAPrep in Texas with the skills for college and career success through game design. Silicon Valley Globaloria Students Visit Adobe For a Firsthand Look at STEM Careers

April 9, 2012

Middle school students from across Silicon Valley visited Adobe Systems headquarters in San Jose to share the games they've created in Globaloria. The students, who are participating through San Jose area schools and Boys and Girls Clubs, received feedback and advice from Adobe executives on Flash programming and STEM careers. Read the full article and the blog post. This article was also featured as an Adobe Featured Blog

Boy Scouts Magazine Features Globaloria

April 9, 2012

Boys' Life, the official publication of the Boy Scouts of America, highlighted Globaloria in the games section of its April 2012 edition. Visit for an overview of all the resources included in this month's issue.

MindShift: Student-Created Video Games Enter Science Class

April 2, 2012

Jennifer Roland of KQED's MindShift blog explores how teachers across the country, including William Dorsey of West Virginia's Kanawha County, are using Globaloria to help students develop a deep understanding of critical concepts in science. Click here to read more.

ZDNet Asia: Unleashing Creativity Through Technology

March 30, 2012

Adobe's Vice President of WorldWide Education Marketing, Jon Perera, believes that today's students need to develop creativity to thrive in today's globalized and competitive workplace—and that programs like Globaloria are key to enabling educators to help students do so. Click here to read more.

EdWeek: Gaming: Leveling Up Global Competence

March 30, 2012

How can gaming and game design help students of all ages become culturally proficient and globally aware? Honor Moorman of the Asia Society highlights Globaloria and other initiatives in this Education Week blog post. This article was also featured by the Asia Society.

US News & World Report: High-Quality STEM Education for All: It Takes a Village

March 19, 2012

Read on for World Wide Workshop founder Idit Harel Caperton's take on the need for investment from the public and private sector to make high-quality STEM education a reality for students across the country.

Huffington Post: Idit Harel Caperton Calls upon President Obama to Institute Education Bonds

March 16, 2012

In a recent article for the Huffington Post, World Wide Workshop founder Idit Harel Caperton advocates for the introduction of Education Bonds to foster critical investment and engagement in our nation's biggest asset—the next generation of leaders. "We are playing catch-up -- not so much with other nations as with the future," she writes. Click here to read more.

Austin American-Statesman: Students Creating Their Own Digital Learning Tools in Preparation for Future Tech Jobs

March 15, 2012

The Austin American-Statesman's Katie Glueck recently visited East Austin College Prep Academy (EAPrep), where she spoke to students, teachers and principal Marisol Rocha about the positive impact the school's daily Globaloria class is having on student achievement and engagement. Read the full article here.

Southwest Key Programs: Globaloria Creator Idit Harel Caperton Discusses Her March 2012 Visit To East Austin College Prep, Texas

March 12, 2012

Dr. Harel Caperton is featured on the blog of Southwest Key Programs, which funds the schoolwide implementation of Globaloria at East Austin College Prep (EAPrep) in Texas. Read more to hear how EAPrep's start-up approach to education blends with Globaloria's entrepreneurial spirit and how partners including Southwest Key and AMD Foundation are making it all possible. Globaloria: Inspiring Young People to Take Up Tech Careers Nationally

March 11, 2012

Globaloria was featured as an innovative approach to interesting young people in tech careers by's Enterchange blog. "Globaloria transforms middle and high school classrooms into network design studios in 60 schools in California, Florida, West Virginia, Texas and New York," writes blogger jkellogg. To read more, click here and scroll down to "Across the U.S.: High School Design Studios".

(National Press): Globaloria Students Celebrate Digital Learning Day 2012

February 1, 2012

Two thousand youth in 60 schools and community centers across the nation opened up their classrooms on February 1st to demonstrate the power of digital teaching and learning the Globaloria Way on the first-ever national Digital Learning Day. World Wide Workshop is partnering with the Alliance for Excellent Education to celebrate innovative teaching practices that make learning more engaging for students. Read the full press release. This event was featured in:

Huffington Post: Memo to Mayor Bloomberg: Let Them Make Games!

January 13, 2012

In this Huffington Blog Post, Idit Harel Caperton offers an innovation solution to Mayor Bloomberg's call to ensure "all students should leave [school] prepared to succeed in the next phase of their lives": Let them make video games! It is a results-proven, research based strategy that is transforming teaching and learning with great success, and that NYC students need and deserve. Read the full story here.

Huffington Post: Where Will the Next Generation of Innovators Come From?

December 16, 2011

"Where Will the Next Generation of Innovators Come From?" Dr. Idit Harel Caperton asks in her Huffington Blog Post today, reminding us that "it's time to think bigger faster, because innovation begins in the mind. And it is up to all of us and our schools and community centers to equip young minds, as early as possible and as often as conceivable, with the tools and capabilities that can potentially empower everyone to innovate." Read the full article here.

Press Release: Google to Support Community-Wide Civic Engagement Game Design Projects in San Jose

December 14, 2011

Google to support the Globaloria social learning network in San Jose/Silicon Valley -- a new initiative that teaches youth game design and programming to cultivate a broad array of STEM knowledge and digital skills among youth, community-wide civic engagement and regional innovation, and also help ease Silicon Valley's talent crunch. Read the full press release. This press release was featured in:

Interview: Globaloria Founder Dr. Idit Harel Caperton On Video Games As The New Language Arts

December 14, 2011

Journalist Paul Glader, from Wired Academic, an independent news source and thought center about digital learning and education innovation, interviewed Idit Harel Caperton from Berlin, where he is now stationed, about her vision for the World Wide Workshop and Globaloria as the drivers for teaching the new language arts. Read the full interview here.

Knight Foundation Supports News Literacy Integration into West Virginia Schools

December 9, 2011

What started as a pilot project to test teaching news literacy alongside civics through game making is getting ready to be scaled as an integrated curricular unit in middle and high schools across West Virginia with grant support from the John S and James L Knight Foundation. Read the full press release here. This event was featured in:

DLD: Idit Harel Caperton - Our Most Important Commodity is Education

November 1, 2011

Read this article and watch this video posted on Digital Life Design (DLD) of Workshop Founder, Idit Harel Caperton, speaking about leveraging social media and technology for social good.

Learning to Read/Write STEM through Videogame Making

October 15, 2011

On October 15, 2011, the Boston Book Festival hosted a panel called LEARNING LEARNING. This essay is Idit Harel Caperton’s text and slides for her short talk entitled, "Learning to Read/Write STEM through Videogame Making", presented at the panel.

T.H.E Journal: Don’t Play It, Make It!

July 25, 2011

“A new generation of gamers is not just picking up skills by playing video games--they're learning by designing and creating the games themselves.” Read this article from T.H.E Journal about the infusion of game-design in schools, featuring Globaloria as a successful model for empowering disadvantaged youth with 21st-century and STEM skills.

San Jose Mercury News: Globaloria brings new way to learn to Silicon Valley

July 25, 2011

Read this article by Mike Cassidy about how Globaloria is not only getting kids interested in learning (imagine), but also forcing them to exercise the kinds of skills they'll need if they ever hope to get a decent job in the 21st century. This story was featured in:

Videogames and Jazz: Globaloria at the National Jazz Museum of Harlem

July 13, 2011

The National Jazz Museum in Harlem and the World Wide Workshop team up for new youth program that blends music and digital literacy. Celebrated musician Jonathan Batiste to lead a series of Globaloria-Jazz Workshops teaching NYC youth to create videogames about the history of jazz. Read more here. This story was featured in:

Knight Foundation Partners with the World Wide Workshop in California

July 13, 2011

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation has issued a new grant to the World Wide Workshop to bring the Globaloria learning network to San Jose and the Silicon Valley region to ensure that young residents are digitally literate and connected. Read more here. This event was featured in:

Announcing the Winners of 2011 Globaloria Game Design Competitions

June 20, 2011

The World Wide Workshop congratulates the 78 finalists and 24 winners of three Globaloria game design competitions in 2011. Globaloria has been hosting the nation’s first and largest game-design competitions since 2009. Click here to read the press release. This event was featured in:

Globaloria Students Demonstrate Tomorrow’s Skills to Today’s Education Leaders

May 31, 2011

A group of middle school and high school students and their teachers demonstrated the power of digital self-learning and tech-empowered teaching to help re-think and re-set educational priorities at the WV Department of Education at the State Capital today. Click here to read the press release. This event was featured in:

SEED Magazine: Full Steam Ahead on CS-STEM Learning

May 24, 2011

Read this article by Dr. Idit Harel Caperton on how art, design and creative cognition can re-ignite STEM learning and innovation. This paper was also featured in DLD and was presented at the NCWIT 2011 Summit.

Can Arts Education Be a Savior to the Economy?

February 9, 2011

Read this special Column by Jim Denova, of the Benedum Foundation and Gregg Behr, of The Grable Foundation, advocating for Science, Technology, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education, and holding up Globaloria as an exemplary model for the broader integration of arts across the educational spectrum.

Frontier Supports Globaloria Education Network in West Virginia

March 25, 2011

Frontier Communications awards a new grant to the World Wide Workshop to expand the deployment of the Globaloria network throughout West Virginia. This grant helps connect schools in rural communities to broadband learning, and empower youth with the necessary digital literacies in civics, STEM, and 21st-century skills. Read the press release. Learn more about Globaloria broadband learning. This event was featured in:

Globaloria 1st Annual Leadership Inspiration Award Winners Announced

March 24, 2011

The Entertainment Software Association Foundation and the World Wide Workshop are proud to announce the winners of the 1st Annual Globaloria Leadership Inspiration Awards. Click here to see the press release.

First Annual Inspiration Awards Announced

February 9, 2011

The World Wide Workshop and West Virginia Department of Education, sponsored by the ESA Foundation, announce the First Annual Inspiration Awards, a school leadership contest recognizing innovation among Globaloria principals and superintendents. Click here to read more about the award.

Idit Caperton Receives 2010 Jessie McCanse Award for Individual Contribution to Media Literacy

February 9, 2011

The National Telemedia Council is honoring World Wide Workshop Founder and President, Dr. Idit Caperton, for over 20 years of visionary research, entrepreneurship, and innovative new-media learning projects that have collectively reformed our thinking about education and education reform. Click here to read more about the award.

Erik Huey of the ESA Foundation Remarks to the Third Annual Globaloria Colloquium

October 25, 2010

Erik Huey, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs at the Entertainment Software Association, gave an address to the assembled Third Annual Globaloria Colloquium on October 25th, 2010. You can read his speech here.

World Wide Workshop Partners with the ESA Foundation to Expand Globaloria in West Virginia

October 7, 2010

The ESA Foundation awards a first grant to the World Wide Workshop to support scaling the integration of Globaloria in schools across West Virginia. Their support also facilitates the expansion of the annual Globaloria STEM Game Design Competition, and the launch of the Globaloria Inspiration Awards for outstanding schools and counties. Read the press release here and on the ESA website. For more information on all nine grant awards, click here.

Knight Foundation Partners with the World Wide Workshop

October 1, 2010

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation has issued its second consecutive grant to the World Wide Workshop in order to expand the Globaloria Civics and News learning initiative among students in low-income and rural schools across West Virginia. Read more here.


‘Voices from the Field’ Documentary Series Named Finalist in 2010 Lights. Camera. Help. Film Festival in Austin, TX.

July 15, 2010

With filmmaker Andrew David Watson, we have been documenting learning stories and reflections of young Globaloria students and their educators. In 32 video vignettes, they talk about how ideas in mathematics, science, civics, design and engineering as well as social media technology, became more comprehensible through conceiving and programming web-games on social issues. Read more here.


Globaloria 1st Annual STEM Games Competition Winners Announced

June 16, 2010

U.S. Senator John D. Rockefeller IV and the World Wide Workshop announce winners of the 1st Annual Globaloria STEM Games Competition. Click here to see the results.

Globaloria Civics Games Competition Coming to San Jose

June 9, 2010

From the San Jose Education Examiner "There is one education project this city and adjoining cities need to replicate: The Annual Globaloria Civics Game Competition." Read more here.

Globaloria 1st Annual Civics Games Competition Winners Announced

June 9, 2010

Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and the World Wide Workshop Foundation are proud to announce the winners of the 1st Annual Globaloria Civics Games Competition. Click here to see the results.

From Instruction to Construction: Rethinking the Classroom Model with Globaloria

May 19, 2010

T.H.E. Journal takes a closer look at the details of Globaloria's game development program and the way in which it re-imagines the classroom. Click here to read the article.

AMD Foundation teams with World Wide Workshop to double number of students learning game design at Southwest Key’s East Austin College Prep Academy

April 4, 2010

AMD has granted a second year of funding to World Wide Workshop and Southwest Key so that East Austin College Prep (EAPrep) in Austin, TX can continue its Globaloria program. The article was featured on:

United States Senator Jay Rockefeller to Serve as Honorary Chair of 1st Annual STEM Games Competition for Globaloria Students

March 9, 2010

Globaloria is teaming up with U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller to host our 1st Annual Globaloria Games Competition on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM games). The article was featured on:

Caperton's Wife Wants West Virginia to be Model of Bridging Divide

February 4, 2010

We know her as World Wide Workshop's Founder and Director. Many West Virginians know Idit Harel Caperton as former governor Gaston Caperton's wife. In this article, she talks about the expansion of the Globaloria West Virginia program and her hopes for the state to bridge the "digital divide". Click here to read the article.


WV Public Broadcasting: Students Learn by Creating Computer Games

October 21, 2009

Listen to Foundation president, Idit Harel Caperton and Globaloria Shepherd University educator, Monica Larson, discuss Globaloria and how it is preparing WV students for success in the 21st century. Click here for the complete radio report and article.

The State Journal: Pilot Education Project Takes Aim at Teaching Students Through Interactive Web tools

May 28, 2009

Read this cover story from the West Virginia State Journal about how Globaloria is preparing WV students from middle school to community college for success in the 21st century.

AMD Foundation Announces New AMD Changing the Game Program Partners

May 27, 2009

The World Wide Workshop was selected as one of three new grants issued by the AMD Foundation as part of their Changing the Game initiative. This grant will be used to integrate Globaloria into the daily curriculum of Southwest Key’s East Austin College Prep Academy in Texas. Read the AMD Press Release and an article in Neoseeker.

The State Journal: Students Take Part in Pilot Educational Program

May 6, 2009

At the Clay County High School in West Virginia, Globaloria is shaking things up, challenging traditional approaches to education, and making learning fun.

WOWK-TV 13, Decision Makers: Web Xtra with Idit Caperton

May 15, 2009

Watch Decision Makers’ host, Bray Cary, in Charleston, WV, interview Idit Caperton about why Globaloria launched in West Virginia and how it is transforming education and learning across the state. Click here to watch
segment 1 & segment 2.

Digital Learning and Design Conference 2009: Interview with Dr. Idit Harel Caperton

January 29, 2009

World Wide Workshop Founder, Dr. Idit Harel Caperton, offers her perspective on global learning tools and using social media technology for an educational purpose at DLD09 in Germany.



The Charleston Gazette: Former West Virginia Governor Caperton Links Education to U.S. Competitiveness

December 10, 2008

"America needs to do a better job of educating its youth if it wants to stay competitive in a global workforce," Gaston Caperton told the audience at the Education Alliance's annual gala in Charleston WV, pointing to the innovative intervention of Globaloria in WV schools in the past two years. Caperton, President of the College Board, is a founding advisor and funding partner of Globaloria in West Virginia. Click here to read more.

The Parthenon Online: Interview with Globaloria-WV Educator, Patrick Smith

November 13, 2008

Patrick Smith, Globaloria West Virginia Educator at Marshall Community and Technical College, speaks about the educational transformation and innovation going on in his classroom at MCTC.

La Nacion: Computer Usage Changes How our Brains Work

November 2, 2008

A journalist from the national Costa Rican newspaper interviewed Idit. It summarizes her theory about the relationship between the new Web 2.0 technology and the developing brain, and highlights the importance of facilitating the development of contemporary learning competencies among children worldwide. Click here to read the article in Spanish, click here to read the English translation.

State Journal: MyGLife WV

September, 2008

Imagine you're a talent scout for Sony, Nintendo or a "simulation" software company, and you recruit hot animation, programming and digital gaming talent for your company's next generation of products. Where do you look for fresh, creative digital gaming genius?

New Orleans Press Releases: Globaloria-Rethink

July 25, 2008

Click on the link to read the ReThink (PDF) press releaseabout young people in New Orleans using Globaloria, and 21st Century skills, to say "Yes!" to improved nutrition and lifestyles in school cafeterias.

The Exponent Telegram: Learning 21st Century Skills

July 18, 2008

Students in various parts of the state are now learning more than just English, math, history and science in school - they are learning how to make video games.

Globaloria-WV Press Release: WV Center for Professional Development

July 16, 2008

West Virginia Center for Professional Development Partners with the World Wide Workshop to Help Educators and Students Gain 21st Century Learning, Life and Technology Skills.

Fortune Magazine: Computer Games as Liberal Arts?

June 6, 2008

Fortune Magazine article about the Games for Change Conference, and games for learning. A quote from Idit Harel Caperton and link to World Wide Workshop.

The Parthenon Online: Video Game Piloting

April 24, 2008

Marshall University's student newspaper reports about the collaboration between Marshall Community and Technical College and the World Wide Workshop Foundation on the Globaloria program.

Media Snackers: Podcast interview with Idit Caperton

February 19, 2008

Idit Caperton discusses the Globaloria program, game design and transparent learning in global communities with MediaSnackers.

"MediaSnackers is a site/weblog/project/call to action for anyone interested in young peoples' consumption and creation of media across the globe. The MediaSnackers podcast focuses on individuals, organisations or companies who are simply impressing us and which are crying out for more discussion."

Globaloria-WV Press Release: Verizon Joins Globaloria-WV partners

January 29, 2008

Click to read the national press release [PDF]: Globaloria education program preparing WV students for digital world

Digital Learning and Design Conference: YouTube interview with Idit Caperton

January 22, 2008

Watch WWWFoundation President, Dr. Idit Caperton discussing Globaloria at the DLD Conference in Munich.




The Learning is a Game for RTC Students

January 16, 2008

Randolph Technical Center's final MyGLife projects make the news! Click to read the article: "Learning is a Game for RTC Students"

BBC World Radio, Culture Shock: Interview with Idit Caperton

January 14, 2008

Listen to our President, Dr. Idit Caperton, introducing MyGLife to BBC World correspondent Philip Dodd.

"Forget computer games for kids. What they really want - and what might also give them a chance to get a decent job - are computer games that they design themselves. Idit Caperton's new internet project MyGLife teaches kids from deprived backgrounds how to build web 2.0 games and the value of collaborating online with people from other countries...."

On the BBC radio program CULTURE SHOCK Philip Dodd and Martin Raymond of the Future Laboratory discuss new ideas, inventions and trends.

My Science Life Press Release: Program Launch

January 14, 2008

Science and technology professionals from 20 countries came together today - virtually - to launch the first-ever social network for science and technology learning: